The Walkers are a singing family group who together have a mission to bring a message of hope and encouragement to people and communities across the United States and Canada through that of Christian Country and Southern Gospel Music as well as Worship music. They provide a fun, uplifting message through music and spoken word that touches peoples hearts and brings forth joy.
They are graduates of Ben Speers, Stamps-Baxter School of Music in Nashville, Tennessee. They attend this Singing School each year. The Walkers have appeared in concert with The Melody Masters Quartet, The Heartland Boys, The Legendary Blackwoods, The Toney Brothers Quartet, Allison Durham Speer, Mercy’s Mark Quartet, The Cavalrymen Quartet and more. They have sung for Vice President Mike Pence as well as many business conferences and Gospel music festivals.

What People are saying…

“I have become very well acquainted with The Walkers and have found them to be a family with great Christian principles and values. I have been in their home, had them in my home , around my family and have performed with them. They are truly an asset to the Gospel music world, in their desire, integrity, singing, ministry, and in their hearts. If you have the opportunity to have The Walkers sing and minister for you, don’t pass it up. I can assure that you and your congregation/audience will be truly blessed.”

Donna Blackwood The Blackwoods
Starlight Theater Branson MO

It is my pleasure to endorse the ministry of The Walkers in their music ministry. We have observed them as they serve the Lord several times since their formation several years ago. They truly wish to serve the Lord when and where He leads them. I have personally known the parents and grandparents of this family for many years and they have always been committed, fundamental, evangelical Christians. These parents have passed their commitment to the Lord on to their children. Walker ministries comes out of that heritage. For our annual event, (NMGMF) we attempt to screen potential ministries prior to their being put on the schedule and The Walkers more than qualify through all scrutiny. The Walkers have been in ministry at our event more than once. We have seen them mature each year, partially due to the training through Stamps-Baxter School of Music. Their ministry is given in a meaningful harmony and spoken work that is unique and sincere.

Leroy & Martha Sutfin
Northern Michigan Gospel Music Festival

It was our great pleasure to have you join us at Farwell Community Church. All of us here in Farwell share the same feeling, that we will want to invite you back to share another day and another of your programs with us in the future.

The Congregation at Farwell Community Church